How and when are gifts delivered?

If you choose email delivery, the gift card is delivered to the recipient via email. You can deposit funds in advance; then setup and deliver your gift card when you're ready.

If you choose SMS delivery, the gift card will be delivered across two separate SMS messages. The recipient will need to be able to open a link from within an SMS message to redeem their gift card.

If you choose the web link method, you'll receive the gift card as a link (URL). Just copy and paste this link into a message in your favourite messaging app to send to the gift recipient.

If you choose printed delivery, on the purchase history page you will be able to download a PDF to print out. The PDF has a voucher code and PIN that the recipient can then enter online to access their digital gift card.

In all cases, your gift recipient must have access to a smartphone or computer with internet access to be able to use their gift card.

Instant delivery to any email address.

Deliver a gift card to any mobile phone number.

Web link
Send via messaging app.

PDF file ready for you to print.

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Does the gift recipient need to register or login to use their gift card?

No, the recipient does not need to register an account or login. They can access their gift card with just one click.

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Can I buy single brand eGift Cards such as Myer or David Jones?

We strongly believe that gift card recipients want choice and flexibility. That's why we built the Gift Sender system using a flexible gift card model that allows recipients to choose where and how they spend redeem their gift. It's for this reason that we do not sell eGift Cards tied to a single retailer.

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If I deposit funds to Gift Sender and then later change my mind, can I get a refund?

Yes, any unused funds you deposited in your Gift Sender account are refundable.

A processing fee of $5 applies for an account refund. This will be deducted from the amount to be refunded.

Any bonus credit you have received is non-refundable. Please contact us to arrange a refund.

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I have just made a payment to Gift Sender. When will my deposit be processed?

Your deposit will be processed after the payment has cleared our bank account. This can take between one and two business days, depending on your bank and when you processed the payment. Typically EFT payments become available by 11:00am each business day on the day the payment has cleared our account.

You will be notified by email when your payment has cleared and your funds are ready.

If after two business days your payment is still pending, please contact us. Please note that if your EFT payment does not include the correct Customer Reference Number, your payment could be delayed.

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How do I use the bonus credit balance in my account?

If you have received bonus credit from cancelled eGifts, this balance is stored separate from funds that you have paid into your deposit balance. This bonus credit balance in your account can be applied towards eGift Cards once your deposit balance is fully exhausted.

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Do the funds I have paid into my Gift Sender account ever expire?

No, funds you have paid into your Gift Sender account will never expire. Each individual eGift has an expiry date, but this expiry only starts counting down once the eGift has been delivered to the recipient.

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How does a gift recipient redeem their eGift?

The recipient can redeem their eGift almost immediately, with just a few clicks. There is no registration required, and no apps to install. It's extremely simple and convenient.

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Do Gift Sender eGifts expire?

Each eGift is valid for up to 36 months (3 years) after the delivery date. When a gift recipient makes a selects how they will redeem their gift by choosing a participating merchant's egift card or voucher, the validity of that portion of the eGift Card will change to a shorter period.

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What can I do if a recipient claims they never received their eGift?

Check the Purchase History section to view the status of each gift card. The report gives you the real-time status of each eGift. In addition, you have the following options:

  1. Resend the eGift to the same email address
    This is useful if the recipient lost or accidentally deleted the eGift email. In the purchase history page, find the recipient, then click Resend, and confirm. There is no cost or fee associated with resending eGifts.

  2. Resend the eGift to a new email address
    If the email used to send the original eGift was wrong, you can resend the eGift to a new email address. In the purchase history page, find the recipient, click Resend, then select Change email address, enter the new email address, and confirm. Note that the eGift sent to the original email address will be cancelled and a new eGift issued, so the original eGift will not be redeemable. There is no cost or fee associated with resending eGifts.

    Note it is not possible to resend an eGift to a new email address after the original eGift has been opened by the recipient.

  3. Cancel the eGift
    In certain situations it may be appropriate to cancel the eGift, for example if the eGift was sent by mistake. To cancel an eGift, find the gift card in Purchase History, click Cancel, and confirm.

    The fee for cancelling an eGift is 50% of the gift value, with the maximum cancellation fee per eGift capped at $10. The eGift value less the cancellation fee will be refunded to your bonus credit balance.

    Note it is not possible to cancel an eGift after the eGift has been opened by the recipient.

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What happens if I deliver the eGift to the wrong email address?

Gift Sender uses an industry leading email delivery platform and sophisticated techniques to send and track emails. However the accuracy of the delivery email address for your eGifts is your responsibility. If a gift email bounces, this is shown in the delivery report along with options for resending or cancelling the eGift.

If you become aware that the eGift has been sent to an invalid email address, you can resend the eGift to the correct email address. Visit the Purchase History page, find the gift card, press Resend, select Change email address, enter the new email address, and confirm.

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A gift card email has bounced. What can I do?

When an email bounces, it means that the email was returned to sender because it could not be delivered. This will show in the gift card purchase history report as Bounced.

Check the email address for errors, and then review the possible reasons and suggested actions below.

Reason Action
Temporary issue, such as mailbox full Wait 48 hours and then use the Resend Gift function to resend to the same email address
Invalid username (before the @ symbol) Reconfirm the gift recipient's full email address. If you find an error, use the Resend Gift function and select Change email address
Invalid domain name (after the @ symbol) Reconfirm the gift recipient's full email address. Look for errors such as .com instead of or vice versa. If you find an error, use the Resend Gift function and select Change email address

If you resend the gift and the email bounces again, rather than attempting to resend repeatedly, please contact Gift Sender so that we can help you to troubleshoot the possible causes.

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Can Gift Sender eGift Cards be combined by recipients?

If a recipient has two Gift Sender Flexi eGift Cards, these cannot be combined initially. However, the recipient can choose to convert each Flexi eGift Card into the same merchant gift cards, and many merchants do allow their gift cards to be combined in one transaction.

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What do my gift recipients need in order to be able to redeem a Gift Sender eGift Card?

The only universal requirements are that they have an email address and access to the internet. Our eGift Cards work on almost any device or platform, including desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets such as the iPad.

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